Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vietnam videos

One of the major roundabouts in Ho Chi Minh city during a quieter moment:

Smoke coming out of the Cu Chi tunnels used by the Viet Cong. The smoke from cooking fires was passed through several chambers to dampen it down and make it harder to spot:

Friday night is group dancing night in Ho Chi Minh:

More dancing - you could probably teach yourself to count to four in Vietnamese using this video:

When I ride my bicycle on the pavement in Sydney people yell "It's a FOOT-path". I don't think they would enjoy walking around Vietnam:

This blind musician was playing some nice sounding Vietnamese blues. It got stuck in our head for most of the day:

Hoi An markets - they were more interesting than those in Ho Chi Minh, and actually seemed to have some locals buying food, rather than just tourist junk:

We got up early for the Hoi An fish markets, which turned out to be a small space with a lot of yelling and pushy women. Some good looking fish though:

Drifting through Ha Long Bay:

The streets in Hanoi's old quarter are so narrow that even scooters can cause a traffic jam, with a few pedestrians trapped in there as well:

Sarah braved a scooter ride in Hanoi (you wouldn't get me on one). You can see her adjusting her helmet as she departs:

Morning is exercise time in Vietnam, either badminton, happy sack, volleyball, or dancing. Check out this guy's wiggle:

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