Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It's slightly rude of me to lump all these evenings into the one post, but we really didn't take enough photos to justify separate ones. Be warned, if you eat with us you're going on the blog (at some point).

Jules and baby Bella came over, with Bella demonstrated her skill on the bongo in between meal breaks. Richard and Scho provided the conversation skills.

Sarah is just glowing in this photo, radiant! We were regaled with Stu's travel plans (lucky bastard).

Yes, we can actually have dinner parties now. I guess we could have had dinner parties at the old place as well, but they wouldn't have been as cool. Sarah's former house-mate, Lorraine is here with Peta.

When in Canberra, cycle. Jacki and Rick were all prepared to race me from the Hyatt to Kingston markets. I wish I could say that it was a nice day. It was freezing.

Still, it looks very nice, and was a fun day once we got to the markets and got stuck into the mulled wine.

Flash photos are cool with reflective cycle clothing. We were massively under-dressed for the Speaker's bar at the Hyatt, but I think they're used to sweaty people clomping in from the lake.

For three people who claim not to like any photo taken of them, they pulled it together pretty well for this one.

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