Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The move

As I'm sure you all know by now, updating this blog has not been the highest priority for Sarah and I. We've been busy, doing things like moving house, moving to Papua New Guinea, hosting parents, that kind of thing. It's a conundrum, as soon as you've got interesting stuff to say, there's no time to fiddle around with cyberspace, yet when your life is dull and boring you can upload reams of inanities, causing the Internet's infrastructure to creak under the load.

So apologies for the lateness of this posting. I hope this will sate your craving for pictures temporarily. More will follow.

The first picture does not strictly speaking relate to moving house, but I like it. The lone light and bare floorboards capture that feeling when your former home is emptied, barren, as though you've never been there.

Sarah couldn't have moved without all the help Dog-Dog and I gave her. Here I am watching the football while Dog-Dog has a stretch. It's that kind of support which made moving house much less stressful for Sarah.

Yep, it sure is tiring moving house.

For some reason we ended up hiring removalists who made us carry a large proportion of the boxes ourselves. They made the very cogent argument that they faster we moved, the less money we would pay. That was a great motivation, but after about twenty trips up the fifteen steps to the apartment, we once again saw the attractions of trading money for labour. It didn't help that the Thursday prior to the move I had stuffed my back in my macho attempt to drag a futon mattress from my car to the apartment.

The lounge room looks pretty similar to this now if you mentally remove the boxes. Through the window you can see the portholes of the other section of the complex, separated from us by an inner courtyard. There is a large balcony which gets the sun on a portion of it between 3:30 and 4:30. Hopefully this situation improves by the time summer comes around. Northbourne Avenue is within spitting distance on a windy day, so it almost feels like we're living in a big city!

This photo is looking from the balcony to the kitchen. The study nook is near the front door to the left. Add a bathroom, bedroom and tiny little laundry, and you have our home.

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